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There is no need to assemble the totes! Our totes are all in one piece and ready to go. You simply unfold the attached lids and voila, you are all set. The totes stack and nestle into each other so that they take up less space.  They come to you in a stack so you simply take one tote out of the stack, place it on the dolly, and start packing.  When done, close and lock the lid, and you are ready to put the next tote on top. No taping and no fuss!

No, we prefer you don’t use tape on totes because of a few reasons:  If any tote comes back with tape marks, you will be charged a cleaning fee of $2 per tote. We will be forced to get out our trusty Goo Gone to get the marks off, which takes time and effort.  We want our products to be in great shape when we rent them to our customers, so every piece of tape needs to be removed. Good news is that you don’t even need to use tape on our totes!  Our lids interlock and close securely.  You can also use zipties if you really want extra security.

We strongly advise you to NOT leave the totes outdoors at any time. Please keep them in the garage at the least. They will be exposed to the elements outdoors, which wears down our totes and makse them extra dirty and dusty.  There is a deep cleaning fee of $2 per tote charged to your credit card on file if they come back excessively dirty. They are also susceptible to theft if left outdoors.  There is a $75 fee for each missing/damaged tote.

If you have completely run out of room inside your home, you could ask us to do a Partial Pick up. There will be a Pick up fee, but it may be worth it for extra space. After paying for the extra Pick up fee, you can go ahead and schedule a time for us to come and get the empty totes.

We recommend that you Request an Extension right away! We will charge you a daily rate, based on the rate you originally paid.

However, if the totes are not available for additional rental days, we will deny the extension request. We understand that this will be stressful for you so we will do our best to accommodate. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as you realize you are behind schedule to avoid disappointment. Or just book an extra week from the beginning to give yourself some wiggle room.

You are responsible for keeping the totes in the same condition in which you received them. You are not expected to clean the totes before returning them. No animals are allowed in the totes and totes are to be kept indoors only. Excessive amount of dirt and fur will incur a cleaning fee of $2 per tote, charged to your credit card on file. As long as you return them to us free of items and without dirt or pet dander, you are golden!

You placed an order online for what you thought would be a sufficient amount of totes. You received your order and got to work on packing up your house. Soon, you realize that you might have misjudged just how much stuff you have! You simply have to Add to your Order and we will deliver your additional items. We can arrange to get them to you within 48 hours. There will be a Delivery charge for second delivery, which is $1 per km from our shop in Milton. You will not incur a second pick up charge. Once the delivery charge is paid, you can schedule a time and get you back on track for packing! We encourage people to get a few extra totes, so you don’t run out. It is easy to underestimate how much stuff you have.

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