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Here’s how to book online.

1. Order your Rental equipment

2. Book Delivery Time

You will have to pay the damage deposit first.

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Making Changes after Order Received

FAQs: How to Place an Order

Booking as far in advance as possible is good! You don’t want to wait too long as we might be out of stock, so knowing when to place an order is vital. You can always change the date if there are delays with your closing date. We only have a limited amount totes in our inventory so securing yours is smart.

As soon as you know your moving date, book your totes with us! Here is a good tip to knowing how long to book your totes for. If you need to change your date at some point, that is no problem at all, as long as we are able to accommodate the change.  If you are a last minute type of person, we ask for at least 24 hours notice to try to squeeze in a delivery, however please call us first to see if we can do the delivery before booking online. 

About 2-4 weeks: most people tend to need our totes for 1-2 weeks to pack prior to their moving date and another 1-2 weeks to unpack.

Here is what we suggest: once you know your moving date, count backwards on how many weeks you might need to use the totes for packing.  Now, count how many weeks after your moving date that you think it will take to unpack. We suggest that you book a Rental now based on what you think will happen, and then you can always add on some extra days if required. We have a ton in stock so all should be fine!

When you are booking a rental, we will help guide you to choose the appropriate amount of totes.

Some people are pack rats and have lots of stuff and knick-knacks around the house.  Or some of you might have babies and young children which will require more totes.  Our Totes page will help you estimate so that you do not have to guess!

We offer up to 130 totes. However, if this is not enough for you, we encourage you head on over to this link. It will allow you to add up to an additional 130 totes.  We recommend that you overestimate the number of totes. You’d be surprise at the amount of stuff you have!

Rental charges are due in full at the time of rental. We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, and E-Transfer. When you place your order and have chosen Credit as your method of payment, we put a hold on your credit card while we confirm your order. We want to make sure that we can accommodate your request before charging your card. Once we confirm the order, the credit card charge will go through. With E-Transfer, the charge goes through right away.

Yes our minimum package to be ordered is 15 totes, and you can do so by visiting our Rental page.

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