Why not just find FREE cardboard boxes?

free cardboard boxes

It’s true that finding free cardboard boxes is a more affordable solution than renting our Totes. But price is the only positive thing about it! If the cost is your only deciding factor, then yes, go dumpster diving and find yourself some used, soggy, dirty cardboard for free. Then go home and tape it up, and fit a couple of things in it. Then go find another dumpster for a couple more boxes. Or you can get classy by skipping the dumpster and grabbing some from the LCBO. Have you seen the size of those boxes? You can barely fit anything in there and many don’t have lids! By re-taping all the boxes, you are wasting time and adding to landfills for no good reason with all that additional tape. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work for not a very good result.

Instead, we recommend opting for convenience and helping the environment. Consider our totes that are durable, water resistant, clean, sanitized, roomy, bacteria, mold and bug free, AND are better for the environment!  They can come right to your door so that you don’t have to waste time driving from store to store, or dumpster to dumpster, looking for a couple of boxes at a time. And you don’t have to waste time taping all those free cardboard boxes. Do you really want to put your linens, clothes and kitchen items in a box that had chemicals, bed bugs, pen dander or bacteria?  Gross!  Instead, ours come right to you, pre-assembled, ready to go!

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