What if I miss a Pick up Appointment?

A missed delivery appointment rarely happens since we send many reminders.

If for any reason you need to change your time, because life happens, just visit this link. When it asks you what type of Pick up this is, choose “I need to Reschedule my Appointment time”, and then choose another time. Simple!

With all of those reminders in mind, if you still forget about your Pick up time or no one over the age of 18 is able to greet us and sign the invoice, we will try to call you at the number you provided.  If we reach you on the phone, we will see how far away you are.  If we are able to wait, we will. 

But if we have to leave for our next appointment, or if we can’t reach you by phone, we will have to do a second pick up and charge an extra Pick up Charge. Once you pay for that second Pick up, you can reschedule your Pick up.

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